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Q&A with Bret Easton Ellis - Page 7

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Q. Lunar Park is, at times, very scary. Okay-- very, very scary. Did you set out to write a kind of horror novel?

A: As a kid I was hugely entranced and influenced by comic books and Stephen King—as were most guys my age—and I always wanted to write a book that dealt with the supernatural.

So, yeah, I did set out to write a book that was an homage of sorts but as the outline changed and I thought more and more about the book it became less about supernatural events— though they do occur within the novel—and more concerned about the person experiencing them and why they announce themselves to this particular character.

Are the events something that would have happened to anyone who moved into 307 Elsinore Lane? Or are they brought on by the narrators own fears and desires? And is Lunar Park an accurate representation of what really happened during those twelve days?

That idea—the fact that we’re not quite sure if the narrator is telling us the whole truth—is something I’ve been interested in for years. But with Lunar Park I believe everything the narrator tells us.

The sort of illusion vs. reality game-playing that was so evident in Glamorama and American Psycho (and to a lesser degree in The Rules of Attraction) doesn’t interest me as much anymore.

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